376 North Central Ave. Oviedo, FL 32765

(407) 365-6500

On April 18th, Neoware Inc. opened the doors to Neoware Studios inside of the
Oviedo Mall. In an effort to revive the once-thriving retail center and invigorate the local
community, Neoware Studios provides a unique spin on coworking. Flexible workspaces
are beginning to see massive growth, especially in the Central Florida area. Neoware
Studios stands out in a crowded field by offering an interesting blend of technology and
collaborative resources to its members, neighboring retailers, and the larger Oviedo-Winter
Springs community.
The Oviedo Mall has already seen a positive shift in sentiment and activity
throughout the retail center. The forward-thinking approach of mall management, led by
Kevin Hipes, has many locals excited about the reinvigoration of a hub that was once a
focal point of the community. In addition to occupying a large portion of the vacated space,
Neoware’s software development team provides an additional layer of value to the mall
owners, management, neighboring retailers, and members of Neoware Studios.
Among many things to look forward to, Neoware is currently developing “The OM”
app, giving mall visitors an engaging experience using interactive technology, such as
augmented reality (AR). Developed for business owners and Neoware Studios members,
Neoware is also creating “NeoVu” — a mixed-reality marketing app that promotes brand
loyalty and consumer engagement.
Neoware has generated strong momentum by partnering with neighboring
companies (like The Sock Gallery and 3DMYLIFE, optimizing their e-commerce and adding
elements of augmented reality) has expedited their growth. Neoware Studios will soon
expand, building out its 20,000+ sq.ft. flagship location right across from their current
space. Only two months have passed since the massive turnout for the Grand Opening and
Neoware Studios has already made a major impact in the community.


The City of Oviedo is a proud Trustee of the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce.