376 North Central Ave. Oviedo, FL 32765

(407) 365-6500

Creative World School at Oviedo is an early learning center dedicated to furthering the educational development of children ages 6 weeks, to before and after school care for up to 5th grade. Creative World School owners, Nick and Amanda Rolon, work every day alongside their leadership team and incredible teaching staff to make sure CWS Oviedo exceeds parents’ expectations of what quality enriching care for their children really means.


Their unique inquiry-based curriculum allows children to have a say in their learning which in turn makes learning fun! Creative World School does not hire teachers that teach out of curriculum books, rather they employ true educators that get just as excited as the students do about diving into a topic that piques their interest that month. The topic for the month might be transportation and every class could be learning about something different depending on the interest of the children. Some might be studying planes while others are studying cars while some might be really interested in learning how submarines run. The goal is to have students go home excited about what they learned that day and even more excited about coming back the next.


Their curriculum and true educators coupled with their one of a kind Exploratorium and expansive outdoor playgrounds with gardens, one can quickly see why Creative World School at Oviedo is something special.





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