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Create Lasting Friendships With Comfort Keepers
It is common for seniors to feel overwhelmed or frustrated when daily tasks become challenging. The changes associated with aging take a toll not only on physical health, but also mental health. One way to improve mental health is to encourage socialization. Any interaction with people outside of your immediate family is beneficial for your seniors memory and emotional health. Making a new connection is great for seniors’ mental health, providing an outlet for them to share stories and memories. Reliving these moments and sharing stories with a fresh audience keeps seniors mentally active and helps to bring up positive memories that stimulate their mind.
The Relationships that are formed between caregiver and client go far beyond helping with chores. Comfort Keepers aren’t arbitrarily assigned to your loved one: rather, a selection process helps create a foundation for genuine friendships to grow. With Comfort Keepers, your loved one is cared for by someone who is loving, patient, and compassionate. A Comfort Keeper is a companion as well as an in-home caregiver. They provide as much or as little assistance as your loved one needs, whether it is with homemaking, personal care, or just spending time together. Comfort keepers are passionate about creating trusting relationships with clients and ensuring your family is at ease knowing you senior loved one is comfortable and safe.
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