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Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy presents $475,000 community project funding to Seminole State College

Emergency Medical Services and Respiratory Care program equipment enhancements

SANFORD, Fla. – (May 4, 2022) – Seminole State College of Florida has been awarded $475,000 from the FY2022 Community Project as championed through the House Appropriations Committee by Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy and signed by President Joe Biden.

Congresswoman Murphy visited Seminole State College’s Center for Public Safety on May 4 to present the check and toured the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Respiratory Care program facilities as the College prepares for implementation of the much-needed equipment to enhance the ability to educate, train, and prepare graduates for immediate and future workforce opportunities.

Awarded funds will be used solely to purchase equipment providing Seminole State’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Respiratory Care programs with state-of-the-art simulated laboratory experiences for  students. Simulation equipment systems, software, and accessories improve instruction by incorporating technologically advanced equipment and enhance students’ overall educational experiences, lessen orientation time, and reduce costs to the industry and community.

“This type of equipment is currently utilized by healthcare and first-responder agencies for training, orientation, and patient care,” said Dr. Molly Kostenbauder, associate vice president for Seminole State’s School of Business, Health, and Public Safety. By having access to similar equipment, our graduates will have hands-on experience and the latest training methodologies for real-life situations or emergencies that occur during the course of a day in their respective fields.”

Additionally, updated equipment and software will enhance students’ transition to employment by decreasing orientation time after securing a position. This accelerated pipeline to assuming duties as healthcare professions will essentially decrease overall healthcare costs. Essential equipment items for practical application include: a Ventilator Demonstration Respiratory Care System, Ventriloscope LIVE training system, Portable Pulse Oximeter, Bedside Pule Oximeter, Sphygmomanometers, three SimMan ALS Manikin systems, a SimMan 3G Trauma Manikin system, a simulation-based training ambulance, a training defibrillator, and updated software for simulation scenarios.

“Instructional strategies and delivery formats have changed drastically over the past few years, and new mannequins will allow us to provide up-to-date, realistic scenarios to include various skin tones to better represent our communities we serve,” said Angel J. Nater, MS, PMD, professor and EMS program manager.

Seminole State will also be able to purchase an advanced trauma mannequin to provide enhanced training such as wound packing for major trauma related incidents. Additionally, the College will replace an outdated ambulance with a new ambulance with enhanced HEPA filtration HVAC system to emphasize safety. EMTs and paramedic students will receive training on how to safely treat patients with COVID and other airborne diseases in the confined space of the patient compartment.

The Respiratory Care program will receive a new Carescape 860 ventilator that will help students diversify ventilator exposure in the lab setting to better prepare them for clinical rotations.

“In addition to the ventilator, we are now able to order a learning stethoscope to better expose students to various heart and lung sounds, which will further aid in the preparation for clinical rotations and ultimately help care for the Central Florida population,” said Jaime Magnetico-Walsh, EdD, RRT – NPS, RRT – ACCS, Respiratory Therapy program manager

“Seminole State strives to provide our students with an educational learning experience that will lead them to a seamless and successful transition into the workforce, “ said Dr. Georgia Lorenz, president of Seminole State College. “We have dedicated faculty and staff that teach and support our diverse population of students. It is, however, imperative that programs have access to the equipment utilized by our medical facilities and first- responder agencies to maintain the quality of our programs.”

Employers, and residents of Central Florida and across the state, benefit from the enhanced education and training of Seminole State students for a stronger local, regional, and statewide workforce, based on the current future needs to fill well-paying healthcare positions.

“I’m so pleased to have secured this $475,000 investment so that Seminole State College can effectively prepare the next generation of first responders and healthcare professionals,” said Congresswoman Murphy. “These are incredibly noble and important professions and students preparing for careers in these fields deserve to train on the best equipment available.”


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