376 North Central Ave. Oviedo, FL 32765

(407) 365-6500

“Calliope Street” sounds like candy, like cannoli, like Kaleidoscope; like a road where whimsical things grow. And in reality, it is kind of like that.

Nestled in the Oviedo Mall, you will find this vibrant store exuding colors, glitter, art, and  dressed up in shiny bottles of wine; a place inviting you to a relaxing and fun experience, an “Art Spa” to get in touch with your inner Bob Ross and leave all worries behind.

But what’s in the name “Calliope Street”?

Invented in the middle of the 1800s, the Calliope is a musical instrument that produces sound by sending steam through large whistles.The size of a carriage, pulled by horses and painted in brilliant colors with elaborated designs, its beautiful sound could be heard miles away announcing the arrival of the carnival or circus to town: fun was on it’s way!

Today, Calliopes still play in the steamboats of New Orleans and the classic, old fashioned Carrousels. But the instrument got it’s name from a very special person: Calliope, the Greek Goddess. She was the head of the Muses, mythological creatures in charge of inspiring all the artists: musicians, poets, painters, writers. She had such a powerful and magic voice that could conquer any soul, hence her name: Calliope means “The One with The Beautiful Voice” (and she was also the mother of mermaids! )

So, now you know why “Calliope Street” is a destination for Art, Wine, Stories, Music and all things beautiful and fun!

There is no experience needed to come and paint. Classes include all materials, instruction, a free wine sampling, and you get to take your completed masterpiece home.

Kids 8 years old and up can join any class!

PS: A wine slushie while walking the Mall? A glass of wine before the movies? Yes, FUN IS COMING!


The City of Oviedo is a proud trustee of the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce.